Youth exchange "Youth's Perspective on Employment"

Pieteikšanās termiņš: 17. jūlijs (sestdiena)

16. aug, 09:00 - 22. aug, 09:00


Planned Project date: 16 - 22 August 2021, (Travel days 16-22 August 2021)

Participants age: 15-30 age (no age limit for group leader)
Participants: Turkey, Latvia, Macedonia, Poland, Lithuania, Romania
Coordinator: Girişimcilik ve Kariyer Topluluğu / Turkey

Project Details:

The  project "Youth’s Perspective on Employment!" is designed by  Girişimcilik ve Kariyer Topluluğu. It is a multi-partner youth mobility  project designed to deal with the universal dimension of employment  problem with European young people and to create awareness for solution.  

The aim: to increase knowledge and skills on employment of  the participants and individuals/ institutions / organizations in the  target group, to create awareness and cooperation on a global problem.
Since  the project is carried out as part of Erasmus+ programme, we expect to  have more effective results on young people. Therefore, besides the  employment problem, we will work on intercultural learning,  interpersonal communication, increasing dialogue with European  countries, creating a positive impact on Turkey's EU membership process,  improving hand skills of participants, introducing Erasmus + programme  and encouraging participation, impact of non-formal methods on  education, solidarity and cooperation on an international problem.

The other activities and subjects of the project; international  dimension of youth employment, presentation of suggestions and ideas of  youth on employment,  awareness activities to increase employment,  introduction and promotion of vocational training institutions, more  active and permanent learning with non-formal education methods, visits  to public institutions, cultural presentations, communication and  dialogue with European countries and young people, to support young  people's decision-making process, and communication and cooperation  between institutions and organizations working in the international  arena.

Çankırı  city is an important tourism center of the Anatolia Region.Located  right in the centre of the country,  it has the feel of a modern, busy  city but also has a strong traditional and cultural atmosphere.  It is  ideal for people who wants to be alone in the nature with its snow  covered high mountains for the half of the year; forests covering its  one third lands; plateaus appropriate for camping, caravans,horseback  riding, photography and hunting and such touristic activities; rich  thermal springs and mineral springs, cultural values of centuries mingle  with the tenderness and traditional hospitality of the citizens . There  are many historical places, and we will introduce to the participants.

Travel Cost 275 EUR (nauda, ko jums atmaksās par iegādātajām biļetēm)




Çankırı, Turkey

Dalībnieku Vecums

15 - 30

Dalības maksa

Bezmaksas (Ceļa izdevumi apmaksāti)



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