Youth Exchange "Myths and stories of Europe!”

Pieteikšanās termiņš: 17. jūlijs (sestdiena)

18. aug, 09:00 - 28. aug, 09:00


Kur?  Romania, Caciulata-Valcea

Kad? 18.08.2021-29.08.2021

Nosaukums? Myths and stories of Europe!”

Projekta tips? Youth Exchange

Cik dalībnieki? 10 dalībnieki 

Vecuma limits? 17-22 age/ no age limite for 2 leaders.Each country: 8 young people + 2 leaders.= 10 participants

Transporta kompesácija? 275 EUR

Dalíbvalstis? Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria, Italia, Slovakia, Spain, France


 The Myths and Stories Of Europe is a project that brings together NGO's of 7 European Countries that have jointly created an 1 year work plan based on developing pupils' LITERACY SKILLS, enhancing social inclusion, digital skills, literacy, language skills, cultural diversity and critical thinking.This core idea will help in organizing and managing this project that will foster success for our pupils, including the ones having a migrant background, will strengthen the cooperation schools-families, schools-external stakeholders.The main aim is promoting European cultural heritage among our pupils determining them to improve their school success. Using stories as a core element is a safe way to raise students’ interest in the project topic and encouraging them to bring their contribution. Students have an innate love of stories, fairy tales and myths.As a teaching tool, storytelling helps in developing imagination, creativity, empathy, respect, tolerance, appreciation for different cultures and in encouraging a positive attitude among people no matter the country, religion and race. Implementing activities using the VARK model promoted by Neil Fleming will make the project approachable to a wide variety of students. Bringing together students with different personalities and visions, having a greater impact when creating the project products.

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