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Neet-working for Social Inclusion

Pieteikšanās termiņš: 31. jūlijs (sestdiena)

29. aug 2021, 21:00 - 8. sep 2021, 09:00


Meklējam 2 dalībniekus uz Erasmus + projektu

Venue: in Baile Olanesti, Valcea, Rumānija

Date: 30.08.2021- 08.09.2021

Training Course„Neet-working for Social Inclusion”

Age limit: 18+2 Participants from each country 

Pieteikšanās šeit:

The project activities have been planned to meet the identified needs of the project participants and the partner organizations. By attending this training course, the participants will acquire specific skills of working with young people and project management. The aim of this project is to facilitate the participants' personal development, to improve their skills of working with young people with fewer opportunities, especially young NEETs, in order to help them to become more open and to express their opinions and to integrate into the community. The overall objective of the project is to develop the skills of the youth workers of supporting and counselling the young people with fewer opportunities, and in particular young NEETs, in their social inclusion. 

The specific objectives of the project are:
SO1: The training of youth workers and leaders at the level of partner organizations, by acquisition by the participants in the training course, of skills and knowledge needed and basic in the process of supporting young people with fewer opportunities in overcoming the situation of reduced opportunity and social exclusion and integration of them in society.
SO2: The identification by 26 participants of tools and working methods with NEET youth and young people at risk of marginalization, as well as the identification of opportunities to address these young people;
SO3: The acquisition by the 26 participants of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of the social entepreneurship with the purpose of its promotion among young people at risk of marginalization.

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