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Biedrība “LOGOS Latvija”

Logos Latvija started as a small enthusiastic group in 2017 that was bringing the values of the organization to Latvian youngsters. The main goal for Logos Latvija is to provide the opportunity for Latvian youth to get to know themselves through the surrounding reality, for making qualitatively new decisions about their lives and their own life mission. The target group is the youth aged 18-35 who are active, enthusiastic and motivated to learn by doing, training, volunteering, traveling to different countries and communication with representatives of other international communities and as the final result after - create their own projects focusing on peace building and the power of benefits of cultural diversity. We all are one. That's why, Logos Latvia is the community of different people with diverse competencies and experiences united by one goal - to make this world a better place for all of us. Three main areas of work of the organization are: international exchanges, education and tolerance promoting, individual development. Logos Latvia is active youth who want to bring some positive changes to our local and international society, we want to create such a difference in the world that will continue to work even after we leave this place. We are working on creating and realizing our own ideas into reality. Logos Latvia is a part of bigger Logos family including Logos Ukraine, Logos Polska. We are building our network to increase positive influence and create better cooperation between different countries. Our organization together with our LOGOS family has a huge scale of recourses which are used locally in the events and abroad too. Feel free to check our work here: . Moreover, we update LOGOS channel with new useful information and we are leading YouTube page: , instagram pages. We are often online during the open events: Our vision Through our activities, we provide youngsters with opportunities to learn and develop themselves, to show their skills and possibility to make the world better. We want to develop society we live in and build it according to our peace values.

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