YOUth in ACTivism: The Camp | Erasmus+ Youth Project in the Netherlands | Visas Iespējas

YOUth in ACTivism: The Camp | Erasmus+ Youth Project in the Netherlands

25. aug 2021, 07:00 - 5. sep 2021, 09:00


〖 New Learning Opportunity | Youth Exchange in the Netherlands 〗

Are you an ally or part of the LGBTQIA+ community? Are you interested in activism? Would you like to learn about different types of activism and discover which is the one that works for you the most? Do you enjoy meeting new people and living new experiences? 

If your response to these questions is a yes, then THIS is the learning program you were looking for this summer! 

  • When: YE: 25.08 - 5.09, 12 days of program excluding travel days.
  • Where: Ommen, the Netherlands
  • For Whom: LGBTQIA+ and allies young people 18 - 26 years old (participants) and 20 - 34 years old (group leaders)
  • Participating Countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Latvia, The Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia.

For more information and applying: 

✓ Info pack: 

✓ Application form:

✓ Watch how the 1st edition went:

UPDATE: Applications are currently off. 

Active Rainbow organizes the 4th edition of its YOUth in ACTivism learning program, and for the second time in cooperation with and at Olde Vechte Foundation. 

“The Camp'' edition brings together 35 LGBTQIA+ and allies youth in a shared space, where you can explore and experience different forms of activism through non-formal learning. It’s gonna be playful, interactive, colorful, and dynamic! 

The project is financed thanks to the Erasmusplus Jeugd and the Erasmus+ program.


Zeesserweg 12, 7731 BG Ommen, Netherlands

Dalībnieku Vecums

18 - 26

Dalības maksa

50 € (Ceļa izdevumi apmaksāti)



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