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Youth exchange: Keep Baltic Sea Plastic Free


Palanga, Lithuania

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Palanga, Lithuania

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  • Keep Baltic Sea Plastic Free
  • ERASMUS+ Youth Exchange
  • 7+2 travel days (31 March 2023 - 08 April 2023)
  • Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Estonia
  • 8 per country (32 in total)
  • All project-related expenses (accommodation, food etc.) are 100% funded by the EU.

INFOPACK: https://bit.ly/3RE0cnZ


The Baltic Sea is one of the most polluted seas in the world. Oil spills and chemicals

from inland agricultural practices have contributed to this pollution. Plastic waste ending

up in the sea is another significant problem. Pollution and waste pose serious threats to

marine ecosystems and considering these issues are often the result of inland human

actions, it is crucial that quality education regarding environmental problems is

advanced in Baltic region countries.

While many young people are aware of the critical need to act to address future

concerns and environmental implications, they often lack the means to make an impact.

Therefore, this project seeks to educate young people on the environmental topic and

empower them to impact their families, friends, and general community behavior by

leading by example and implementing eco-friendly initiatives.

The project's main aim is to raise youth awareness about the connection between daily

life choices and environmental issues in the field of Baltic Sea pollution.

The main objectives of the project has been set :

1) To raise awareness of the Baltic Sea pollution level and its importance.

2) To identify the most prevalent negative consequences of people's environmental

behaviors, as well as strategies to address them.

3) Develop awareness of the connection between Baltic Sea pollution and related

environmental decisions in different sectors.

4) To promote environmentally responsible behavior at the local level;

5) To foster a proactive attitude toward green efforts.

6) Assist participants in developing a sense of social responsibility toward

environmental protection.

7) Engage youth in international discussions and decision-making regarding

environmentally friendly actions.

8) Keep youth active and assist them in learning how to put ideas into action, enhance

their social skills and multilingualism and stimulate cultural exchange.

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