Why and how start investing? | Visas Iespējas

Why and how start investing?

15. apr 2019, 15:00 - 15. apr 2019, 16:00


The amazing investor and teacher JAAK ROOSAARE.

Want to know how to start investing? We will cover basics of investing and how to get started. Also learn how to invest in different asset classes - loans, stocks, real estate. Jaak will share info about his investments and how he got started over 15 years ago.

About Jaak - Jaak has been active investor for over 15 years. He is author of 3 best-selling investment books in Estonia and is frequent contributor to local media. He invests in loans, dividend stocks and rental real-estate (over 50 apartments). He is also salesmanager is Southwestern Advantage and founding partner in Scandium Real Estate. Scandium is focused on developing rental real estate and we have currently over 300 apartments in building process. Check out his blog: triadcashflow.com

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