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Volunteering Journaling | International training

Pieteikšanās termiņš: 10. jūlijs (sestdiena)

5. sep 2021, 21:00 - 11. sep 2021, 21:00


Participant profile: Mentors of international volunteers; Youth workers

Volunteering abroad is a tough experience, but with mentors support it can blossom with learning and growth!

NGO Social Action in Lithuania invite you to international training "Volunteering journaling" - indepth training about stages in integration process and variety of ways to handle experiences, relationships and emotions through reflection with volunteer. Training is designed for mentors of international volunteers, but anyone who is in support network for international volunteers can participate in the training.

What you are going to learn:
- to connect with volunteer and keep relationship
- to make meaningful reflection with volunteer
- to use variety of tools and ways to support volunteers‘ reflection
- to track the progress of learning
- to use journal as fun way to observe ones own experiences, perceptions

Training will take place in wonderful place – monastery in little town of Antalieptė – a historical renovated monastery and community home, where every year groups of youngsters with fewer opportunities learn woodwork, volunteer and grow!

What do we expect from you:
To participate all the training time, to bring your own experience in reflection and willingness to share with others. The training is also a way to look into yourself and learn to respect your own feelings and appreciate learning from all resources the world gives you to.

Our experienced team will invite you to the journey through those 6 days after which we hope you will feel stronger to raise questions, to use different ways to reflect and have new friends!

Practical frame:
Arrival 6th of September, leaving 12th of September
Up to 20 participants from (up to 3 participants from one country):
-North Macedonia,

Travel expenses are covered as the following budget:
Latvia – 180 €
All expenses covered by Erasmus+ programme (Mobility of youth workers)



Antalieptė, Lithuania

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