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YE Volunteering for today Volunteering for tomorrow

Pieteikšanās termiņš: 25. jūlijs, 2019

6. sep 2019, 22:00 - 14. sep 2019, 22:00


The youth exchange Volunteering for Today, volunteering for tomorrow, will be organized in September 2019 in Săcueni with the participation of 30 young people from Lithuania, Latvia, Greece, Romania and Hungary.

It will aim to know the volunteering habits of young people in the participating countries, the situation of volunteering in the EU, the problems it faces (not sufficiently recognized). Young people will also reflect on how countries, local administrative-territorial units and the EU should support this kind of activity. Participants will become familiar with the benefits of volunteering on their personal, social, and even professional life. In the youth exchange, we want to include young people facing social and economic barriers that will realize that this activity can serve as a working experience that can help them get a job easier.

During the youth exchange, the participants will experience 4 TYPES OF VOLUNTARY ACTIVITIES: they will take part in outdoor action (park or stadium renovation), support local institutions (museum, library, town hall, etc.), will carry out various activities for local youth, will chat with people at the Cadea Disability Center.

The participants will carry out several actions to promote volunteering: one that will consist of passing streets from Oradea holding a bed sheet that will contain written the benefits of volunteering, sharing flyers and conversing with passers-by and a community event in Săcueni, where, besides presenting the responsibility for the content lies with the author, and the content does not represent the views of the European Commission; nor is the Commission responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained herein.

Results of the mobility, the young people will talk to those present about the importance of engaging in volunteering. The youth exchange includes an intercultural evening and cultural presentation activities for each participating country.

At the end of each day, young people will create 2 articles and 2 videos about the day's activities. The youth exchange will end with the development of ideas for the continuation of mobility, but also with the completion and handing over of the detailed Youthpass certificates. The project is funded by the European Union.

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