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Training course "Un-labelling"

Pieteikšanās termiņš: 15. maijs, 2019

7. jūn 2019, 06:00 - 14. jūn 2019, 17:00


Project info & aims

Un-labelling is a TC that intends to guide a group of 16 youth workers to become good examples for their youngsters in the fight against radicalization and intolerance, while presenting, at the same time, an opportunity for those youth workers and their organizations to boost their intercultural dimension and their ability to accept diversity.

In particular, the project aims to:

-work on the understanding and acceptance of differences in order to avoid prejudice, conflicts and hate speech, as well as on the understanding of the emotions behind those human behaviours as the way to prevent discrimination and bullying.

-forge multipliers that will spark those with whom they will interact to be more understanding and open to differences.

-provide participants with tools, skills and methods with which to help on fighting discriminatory attitudes in and within their youngsters.

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