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Try what it’s like to be an Youth Ambassador!


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18 - 29

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🔹Project on Political topic

🔹For young people who would like to try to simulate and try what it’s like to be an Youth Ambassador

🔹Venue: Several short meetings in Italy, France, Romania, Latvia and Bulgaria

🔹Period: 2023 and beginning of 2024

🔹Participants should take part in all the activities

🔹Travel and living expenses will be reimbursed

🔹 Age: 18-29

♦️Apply: https://forms.gle/31DtMqWKjf7gm9Jy7

📣You can apply if you are from LATVIA (live, study or work in Latvia)

🔔 Participants have a great chance to visit and take part in very short meetings in several countries (Italy, France, Romania, Latvia and Bulgaria)

🗯 Useful and great experience!

✅ The EU Youth Strategy 2019 – 2027 and European Youth Goals are the backbone of this project. One of the President von der Leyen Commission’s political guidelines for the next five years, namely - A ‘new push for European democracy’ has motivated the establishment of this partnership. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, immediate response is required to mitigate its socio-economic impact, including capacity building and specific measures to deal with Covid-19 crisis recovery in the youth sector. As per EC President von der Leyen, the EU would do whatever was necessary to support the Europeans to counter the impact of the COVID-19 in all means. Thus, youth networks could consider ways of forging solidarity and inclusiveness, which concur with related challenges.

Project will explore the specific role of European youths aged 18-29 years, as individuals and in communities under the challenging post-pandemic environment. Promotion of the leadership development processes and wider civic life participation of youths in the partner countries (Romania, Bulgaria, France, Italy and Latvia) are a key to success of the project. In the described context, a balanced partnership between public bodies and NGOs have been established, coming from countries with different living standards, different maturity of youth policies and different history in the EU context. Logically, our project will result in activities, that are based on the described priorities, as well as are connected under the ‘Engage- Connect-Empower’ core areas of the EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027 and based on the differences, but learning from them.

The proposal fully fits into the declared objectives of the participating partners as institutions, into European policies in the field of youth for the period 2019-2027 and is in line with the goals and specifics of current Call for proposals. The partnership is constructed in a way, that own strategic objectives defined by the project partners build and lead to a synergy on all youth policy levels and by using different policy instruments. This strategic partnership consists of experienced public bodies on local (union of municipalities) and national level (Ministry of youth and sports), and youth NGOs, which aims, in widest aspect, cover the European youth policy context. All partners’ have defined their objectives in a way to contribute to for mobilizing EU level policy instruments as well as actions at national, regional and local level for activating youth. The project strategic and geographically balanced partnership was initiated by an experienced NGO from Romania. The partnership encompasses youth NGOs with profound valuable expertise and high potential for elaboration and implementation of youth

initiatives, including for those with fewer opportunities, that live in remote or rural areas. A line ministry responsible for youth policy in Bulgaria is also partner under the project. A union of municipalities from rural Sardinia (Italy) is also part of the project. All five organizations are actively implementing appropriate youth policy measures at the local, regional and national levels for many years. Based on cumulative experience, gained over the last 3 years in more than 45 projects, explicitly under Erasmus+, the partnership will contribute to the process of dissemination to local, regional and national levels of the EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027 and its Goals, in line with the aims and objectives of current Call for proposals.

In the above context, the general objective of the project could be specified as: Specific capacity building among youths from 5 EU member states, in the context of EU Youth Strategy 2019 – 2027, for addressing the challenges related to COVID-19 crisis and its aftermath, by promoting a regional partnership and supporting the creation of innovative network of youth organizations.

In addition to all described above, by implementing the project, the partnership will be able to also reflect and contribute to the implementation of EU Frameworks and initiatives such as country specific recommendations from the European Semester that are related to the youth area in the participating countries. This will allow to implement the envisaged initiatives under this project that will encourage young people to participate in the democratic process and in society and encourage discussion and debate on their connection to the EU, its values and democratic foundations, including by providing a meaningful voice to youth in the framework of the Covid-19 recovery process.

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