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saDZIRDI, saREDZI, IEKĻAUJ mani project - First Meet UP

Pieteikšanās termiņš: 17. septembris (piektdiena)

18. sep 2021, 12:00 - 18. sep 2021, 15:00


〖 Hear Me, See Me, Include me: Meet-Up 〗

Project “Hear Me, See Me, Include me” has been created in cooperation with the National Agency of Latvia Jaunatnes Starptautitsko Programmu Aģentūra” within the open project competition “Support for young people to reduce the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic”. 

The first event will take place on September 18th! This time the goal of the meet-up is to get acquainted with the project agenda, opportunities, and goals. You also will have a great chance to meet up with the project organizers, volunteers, and other project participants!

Project “Hear Me, See Me, Include me” aims to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 crisis on young people in the age of 13-25, who are also part of the LGBTQIA + community, by providing them with the necessary psycho-emotional support, through group and individual activities for 4 months accompanied by a psychologist and youth workers, through outdoor activities, providing young people with a variety of tips, tools, and methods to help improve their emotional and physical health, as well as creating a reliable support network that will continue after the project.

More information about the project “Hear Me, See Me, Include me”: During these 4 months, one day (part-time) group sessions will be organized, where participants will meet in a non-formal atmosphere to listen to lectures on the topic of the specific group session, share personal experiences, participate in workshops, learn from each other and engage in outdoor activities. Parallel to the group and outdoor activities, you will be able to attend individual sessions with a psychologist according to your needs free of charge.

✰ Take Part in the event ✰

For Whom: LGBTQIA+ and allies aged 13-25

You can apply until the 17th of September, 17:00


✰ Practicals ✰

Please take with you weather-appropriate clothes or warm blankets in case the autumn might not spoil us. Due to COVID-19 related gathering restrictions, applicants must have either a negative test (the results from tests you do at school are valid) or a certificate of vaccination.

  • When: 18th of September, place (we will adapt to the weather) will be sent to participants upon registering.
  • Time: 15:00 - 18:00
  • Language: Latvian/English
  • For questions:

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