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"reConnectin" - Exploration of mindfulness in youth work

Pieteikšanās termiņš: 12. janvāris, 2020

9. mai 2020, 07:00 - 18. mai 2020, 15:00


We invite you to be, move, play, observe, listen, share, explore, experiment, challenge ourselves, learn from within and from each other, get to know new people & ways & attitudes, and create this experience together.

reConnectin is an 8-day training course which aims to introduce and explore “Mindfulness” in interactive and playful ways and to experiment with practical and fun tools and techniques that can be-readily used in daily life, creative work and in the other situations and places too.

Who is this training for?
The training is designed for youth workers & volunteers and other people who work with people, who want to refresh their skills and attitudes to their days, to other people, to work and to the world.

We aim to have overall number of 26 participants from Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Latvia, North Macedonia and Cyprus.

​The participants must be over 18 years and have a communicative level of English language, so that they can participate fully in a program that will be in English.

Applications deadline: 20th January at 12pm (4 weeks from today)

Selection results for applicants: 7th February 2020

Confirmation and booking of travel tickets for selected applicants: until 14th February 2019

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