Queer Homecoming - Community Hang-Out Event


Active Rainbow

22. nov 2023, 4:30 PM - 22. nov 2023, 6:30 PM

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Next Wednesday 22/11/2023 we are hosting a Queer Homecoming Event to welcome and celebrate our newest members, who are joining our Active Rainbow Crew and community for a year!

From Greece and Portugal, give your warm welcome to Vasiliki and Inês, who have come to Latvia through our second year of the European Solidarity Corps Volunteering project, "Begin Again"!"

Join us for a lovely and cozy community hangout! 

Begin Again is our long-term ESC Volunteering project aimed at fostering LGBTQIA+/Queer education and empowerment. Volunteers from across Europe join us in Riga, Latvia, to actively contribute to our main pillars of work - social inclusion, community building, active participation and personal growth.

The ESC volunteering project Begin Again is co-funded with the support of the European Commission’s European Solidarity Corps program, which is administered in Latvia by the Jaunatnes starptautisko programmu aģentūra.

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Active Rainbow

We are an educational platform and community of people that celebrate personal growth and inclusivity. It is open, accessible, and welcomes everyone who is interested in non-formal learning, mobility opportunities, and contributing their verse to society.

Active Rainbow was founded in 2014 and started at first as a self-organized initiative. It is active in the field of youth work and implementation of learning programs already for the past 7 years, working on a local, national, and international level through direct cooperation with different European organizations, collectives, and informal groups. During this time, Active Rainbow contributed to a great extent in building the capacity of its partner organizations in the field of inclusive education for LGBTQIA+ youth and through its projects impacting the local and European communities. 

In March 2021, the platform proudly established its 1st branch, as a registered organization in Latvia.

[Our Vision] We contribute to the creation of a world where diversity is welcomed and celebrated as a value.

[Our Mission] We are committed to strengthen the implementation of Human Rights and improve the quality of LGBT+ spectrum education, by offering learning opportunities for people to grow and thrive. 

Our motto is - learning made simple, yet significant.

[Our objectives]

☑ Support (young) people in their personal and professional development - equipping them with lifelong skills

☑ Offer safe and inclusive educational environments for everyone without discrimination, especially to LGBTQIA+ people

☑ Promote and participate in the development of youth work and the training of youth workers and educators

☑ Promote the initiatives of young people

☑ Increase the visibility of non-formal learning as a type of activism

☑ Offer and foster volunteering opportunities, building young activists and social changemakers

☑ Develop and sustain an engaged and connected network of organizations, fostering international cooperation and cross-cultural exchange

☑ Create a more inclusive and cohesive society to ensure equal opportunities for all to achieve full potential in life

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