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Prevent Bullying | Youth Exchange

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21. sep 2021, 21:00 - 29. sep, 21:00


📷Venue: Diyarbakir, Turkey
📷Date: 22 - 30 September, 2021
📷Erasmus+ Youth Exchange: on Prevent Bullying topic
📷Travel expense reimbursement: 360 EUR
📷Covid test expenses covered
📷You can apply if you are from LATVIA (live, study or work in Latvia)

Youth exchange project to bring young people from different countries together to get enough knowledge about „cyber-bullying‟; to share/learn current situations in different countries and it effects in our societies, discuss about how European Institutions and our countries are tackling it and creating social media tools to increase awareness about this issue. In the another hand, we believe that „blaming‟ new technologies might cause children and young people to have less interest in information and communication technologies (ICT) and it might also cause big problems in the future. Because of this reason, instead of being afraid of ICTs, we would like to improve skills of young people about the internet safety and make them to be conscious users.
Research shows that the use of technology can make these practices more dangerous and harmful than traditional bullying. The impact on the child's well-being can be serious. According to recent data, in Europe more than 50% of children bullied online said that they became depressed as a result and over a third of them stated that they harmed themselves or thought about suicide. The right of freedom of expression is very important but it has to be limited by the respect of the human rights and reputation of others. Unfortunately, almost every day we can find very effective examples of online hate speech and increasing number of young people are victims of cyber-bullying. This has developed a real “advocacy of hatred” - mainly based on ethnic, sexual orientation and religious discrimination - that has become a serious threat to the democratic values of Europe and the EU. As European young people; we want to increase awareness about this issue and by developing social media tools (e-book, videos, articles etc.) for young people to prevent from it.

Aims and objectives:
📷To learn/discuss different definitions of cyber-bullying and increase awareness on what is bullying and what is not,
📷To train youth on the human rights, the inclusion of bullying in them and the priorities of the European Union and the Council of Europe,
📷To develop critical thinking regarding the information on this phenomenon and to understand how ICTs effect on young people/children in our societies,
📷To increase the understanding about bullying issues and how it affects people of all races, ethnicities, religions, and gender;
📷To be aware of importance of diversity in local, regional and international level and to develop skills and attitudes to motivate and actively involve young people in international youth projects as preventing hate speeches and bullying,
📷To identify and share similarities & differences in practices used in different countries in terms of Cyber-bullying,
📷To develop a critical approach towards ICTs’ messages based on their own experiences, skills, beliefs, and values,
📷To support young people to increase their knowledge about Erasmus + Programme and youth projects in order to develop new projects (related bullying and cyber-bullying) in the future,
📷To create videos, e-book and use social media very actively in order to reach as many as people possible for outcomes of our project and for the visibility of Erasmus + Programme.

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Diyarbakır, Turkey

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