Match Express

10. jūn 2021, 13:00 - 10. jūn 2021, 15:00


On the 10th of June TechHub Riga in cooperation with platform Visas Iespējas and the city council of Riga is organising Match Express. An afternoon for Students to meet Startups and the other way around.

If there is one way to characterise startups, it has to be their ability to develop and innovate in a short period of time. A big part of that is the people who are trying new ways of doing things. Young and thirsty meeting experienced and open-minded is a very good place for innovations to be born.

We are inviting STARTUP representatives for an afternoon session to present their project/ product/ service and the vacancies they are looking for to students. Sign up here:

STUDENTS - if you have always been curious of how it is like to work in the thrilling startup environment and looking forward to using your skills, give it a try and apply here to meet like-minded people whose entrepreneurial journey you can join. All students are welcome to apply, with no age or study programme restrictions.

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