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DISC personality types

28. jan 2020, 16:00 - 28. jan 2020, 17:30



Kaido's goal as DISC personality types trainer is to simply and easily introduce different personality types and give simple suggestions, how to recognize different types faster, how to better understand them and get along with them.

By helping people understand typical behaviors connected to different personality types, we all understand, that actually all these types are hidden within all of us and we all behave differently in different situations.

This kind of approach to typical behavior helps us all to be more tolerant.

Instead of "boxing" people somewhere, opposing them and labeling them wrong and right, we will be able to understand better, why someone (including ourselves) is behaving the way they are and see behind the behavior the real person, who simply has a different perspective on the same situation.

Who is Kaido Kubri?

Kaido is a trainer, who knows different personality types through many trainings, through practical experience of selling books door-to-door in USA for many years and through over 800 one-on-one coachings done in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Kaido's training is made special by his extensive communication experience with most different types of people and his ability to use the experience at the training by giving a lot of humorous and memorable examples.

That and Kaido's personal story about difficulties while learning to communicate helps everyone to understand their own challenges better and most of all help create an understanding, that good communication skills is not something, that we have to be born with -- it's something, that we can all learn.

At Kaido's coachings and trainings the biggest feedback has been, that people have gained more understanding.

Understanding about themselves and about others -- why I/him/her/they behave-think-feel the way we behave-think-feel.

Kaido is a accredited as an Internationally Certified user of Thomas International's Personal Profile Analysis and it's related instruments (www.thomasinternational.net/et-ee/teadus/PPA.aspx).

Language: English
Entree: Free
Auditorium: 308

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