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DD Academy info evening

Pieteikšanās termiņš: 23. septembris (ceturdiena)

15. sep 2021, 15:00 - 15. sep 2021, 16:30


Things aren’t going that well. Not with the planet, society, nor our democracy. We can let it just paralyze us... or we can do something about it! This might be nuts. But maybe you need to be a little bit crazy to make changes in the current state of the world. We hold on to such aspirations in DD Academy and try to fix things - fix the planet, our societies and democracies.

We bring together young people who don't want to be bystanders, who want to have hope and make a change. Our program supports you in becoming someone capable of making change happen and finding like-minded people. To lead, work with others, speak convincingly, organize, but also analyze and make sense of the complex problems facing us.

Come make a difference with us - find your potential to lead change in the world!
DD Academy is a free, year-long leadership and self-development program for university students in Tartu and Riga, provided by DD. Applications are open until September 23.

At the information evening we introduce the whole program, answer your questions and share the experiences of people who've already completed the program.

More information about our program: https://ddacademy.net/

📷 We kindly ask you to bring your proof of vaccination with you 📷



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