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Creative YOU(th) - creative practices for embodied living | Online Training Course

PieteikÅ”anās termiņŔ: 16. septembris (ceturdiena)

20. sep 2021, 21:00 - 18. okt, 21:00


5 weeks experience based online course designed to lead you to live a more embodied life, using different creative practices.šŸŒ„

Embodiment and creativity go hand in hand; they are a fundamental part of being a human. Just like Pablo Picaso said: ā€˜every child is an artist - the problem is to remain an artist once we grow up.ā€™ Creativity is our birthright, however, in the process of growing up, most of us have learned to disconnect from our creative capacity and therefore also with our body. This also implies that if we have learned to disconnect from these two forces, we can also relearn or retrain to connect with them, and use them in daily life.

This course is all about re- learning to connect with your own body and inner resources, befriending your creative potential and finding a way to express yourself in ways relevant to who you are and how you feel. In that process, we will use creative practices and embodiment tools, to support you to find new connections, discover new choices and understand your full potential.

This course is also about real life application, meaning you will be supported to integrate these tools and principles to your daily life (personal and professional), therefore creating a change that will last.

Course overview:

šŸ–„ļø5x live zoom workshops on Tuesdays 18:00 - 20:00 CET, followed up by home enquiries, individual practice and reflection time. This is an experiential course, incorporating mindfulness and somatic practices, creative writing, free drawing, movement and sharing exercises. For full course description, check attached document.šŸ–„ļø

At the end of the course you will:

  • Establish better relationship with your body;
  • Understand how different aspects of yourself are (inter)connected;
  • Learn different ways of expressing yourself through creative practices;
  • Cultivate curiosity and sense of wonder;
  • Gain practical tools to implement in daily personal and professional life.

For Who:

This course is for anyone who is looking to live a more embodied life and is curious to understand how creative practices can support that. It is designed for anyone looking to reconnect with their body, cultivate curiosity and learn how to express themselves in different ways. It is open to youth workers, trainers, facilitators, volunteers and mentors working with young people, interested in bringing embodied learning to youth spaces.

Lead facilitator:

Sandra Gojić - embodiment trainer and movement teacher with a background in psychology and youth work.

Available downloads: Creative YOU(th) ā€“ course overview.pdf 



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