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Training Course "Coach EM" for young people and youth workers from Latvia

Pieteikšanās termiņš: 24. augusts, 2019

27. sep 2019, 15:00 - 5. okt 2019, 09:00


Info about the project:
The aim of this project is to provide youth workers, (or those who want to work with youth in the near future), with coaching skills. So, that you can coach the youth you (will) work with in their process of becoming active citizens in society and on the labour market. This training course will not be listening and making notes on theory only, on the contrary. It will be a very active, playful, co-creating training course where you will challenge each other with role plays, share knowledge and experiences from your own backgrounds and maybe even create new ground-breaking methods! One day we will go outside of our comfortable mushroom and meet with other colleagues and youth.

-  To adapt coaching tools & techniques to fit the frame of youth work and the context of assisting NEET youth;

-  To provide coaching tools and empower participants for their daily work with young people;

- To share good practices & support measures created in the participating countries in order to decrease youth unemployment;

-  To discuss the topic of unemployment with specific attention to youth unemployment in the participant's countries;

- To share knowledge & tools with networks and local communities regarding the topic of coaching & youth unemployment;

- To provide space for practicing coaching tools & techniques in an international environment;

- To provide space for creating cooperation bonds in order to create projects addressing the topic of youth unemployment;

-  To foster mutual understanding amongst youth workers from various European countries regarding their role in youth's career choice;

- AIM of the training course The project aims to train youth workers & youth leaders in using coaching tools & techniques to assist young people in the process of becoming active in the labour market.

Participant’s profile:
- Aged 18+
- Youth workers, young leaders (With youth worker we mean doing it professionally, either as a teacher, sports coach, psychiatrist, volunteering work, etc.)
- At least intermediate level of English

✔️Accommodation and food will be fully covered by the Erasmus+ programme
✔️Travel costs will be reimbursed
✔️Participation fee: 80 EUR

For more information feel free to contact us:

DDL for application: 25 August, 00:00
Link for application form:

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