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TechChill side event - Early Stage Funding Masterclass

Pieteikšanās termiņš: 18. februāris, 2020

19. feb 2020, 10:30 - 19. feb 2020, 12:30


TechChill is excited to announce Masterclass #4 - one of four MasterClasses for anyone interested in a unique opportunity to have a hands-on working experience with a speaker or mentor.

Lauri Kokkila is an Investment Manager at Inventure, venture capital fund focusing on seed and early-stage investments in Nordics & Baltics. Lauri joined Inventure in 2015 after spending two years in a large construction company, developing their digital services and real estate platform. At Inventure, Lauri focuses on new investments in machine learning and 3D technologies and is especially excited about in the proptech and human-machine interface (HMI) technologies. With this background, Lauri works in the board of the portfolio companies Nordigen, Swappie, Umbra and Material Exchange.

Inventure 60+ portfolio companies have cumulatively raised over 500+M€ in 150+ funding rounds over the past 10 years. The fundraising landscape has dramatically changed during this time. In this workshop, we share our current knowledge on how to avoid the common pit falls and how to run an effective fundraising process. When do you approach investors? What are investors looking for? What do you need to have in place when you go fundraising? How do you and how you should not create momentum?

* This Masterclass is brought to you by Startin.LV and TechHub Riga.

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