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MORE - Mediation on Responsibilities and Exploitation

PieteikÅ”anās termiņŔ: 26. septembris (svētdiena)

24. okt, 21:00 - 1. nov, 22:00


MORE is a residential training course in Hungary to develop and implement a role play game on conflict management. šŸ”

This project aims to develop and implement an educational tool among European social makers to increase the positive resolution of conflicts through understanding the cultural differences, active listening and negotiation skills.

The specific objectives are:

  • to analyse the phenomenon of conflict management at any level: personal, professional, local, national and international;
  • to lay the foundation for a better intervention for conflicts on local and international level;
  • to help out for a better understanding the educational consequences;
  • to provide educational insights into practical tools, reflections on proactive methods, exchange of good practices with Non-formal education methods;
  • to increase the international cooperation: networking and advocating, to create the best condition for mutual understanding;
  • to create an educational tool/role play game to analyse the conflict situation and improve the soft skills needed during the conflict situation.

The core activity of the MORE is a training course from 25th October to 02nd November 2021, where 29 participants from 9 countries: Uk, Albania, Hungary, Ukraine, Greece, Latvia, Italy, Belgium, Spain, coming from 10 organization (Asfar, Act for Society, Tamazpont Mopka, Vzayemopomich, United Societies of Balkans, Project Net, Giosef, Creativity Platform, System and generation International Association, AsociaciĆ³n Las NiƱas del Tul ) will reflect and work -together with 2 trainers- on the implementation of an educational tool for conflict management.

Each country involved will share good practices on the topic and all the participants will learn from one another. At the end of the project, the educational tool will be shared with all the partners and this will be the basis for developing new ideas of collaboration on the same topic. The participants will be youth worker, youth leaders, teachers, trainers and facilitators active in their local community from 18+ years old with attention to gender balance.

Dissemination and Exploitation of the results

The aim of the project is to define the Role Play Game on conflict management called MORE. For this purpose, we expect that our active and motivated participants will contribute in each phase of the process.

The dissemination of the training course results is a crucial part of the project.

Each participant will get at least a pdf version of the Role Game, it will be translated by her/his national group in his mother tongue during the training course. S/he will use this version to test the game among her/his volunteers, students and/or group of youngsters. This process needs to be documented by pictures or videos.

We expect that the final users/players of this game are youngsters from schools and/or youth centre from 16+ years.

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