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Pieteikšanās termiņš: 31. marts, 2019

27. mar 2019, 16:30 - 31. mar 2019, 20:00


The Riga Hub of the Global Shapers is a community of young leaders committed to creating positive change in ourselves, our local community, and the world.

We commit to partnering with our local community to learn about problems and needs from those who face them and to designing our work to maximize impact. We unite 16 young professionals from versatile backgrounds across Latvia and abroad in order to create positive and lasting change in Latvia.

What is Global Shapers Community

The Global Shapers Community worldwide is a network of young people driving dialogue, action and change. We have more than 7000 members and the Community spans 378 city-based hubs in 160 countries.

In each city, teams of Shapers self-organize to create projects that address the needs of their community. Projects are wide-ranging – from responding to disasters and combating poverty, to fighting climate change and building inclusive communities.

Want to become a Global Shaper? You can become a contributor to our cause, or participate yourself.

All selection takes place at the local level and each hub runs its own selection process. If you fit the following criteria, apply to join the hub in your city. If your city isn't listed, check back regularly because we're growing everyday. Successful applicants are:

  • between 20-29 years old
  • residents of or live close to the hub city
  • committed to working with peers to improve their community
  • interested in developing their leadership potential
  • willing to support fellow Shapers in their personal and professional development
  • ready to engage in the community and follow our Community Charter

Click here to apply:

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