Jauniešu apmaiņa Latvijas studentiem Nīderlandē

Pieteikšanās termiņš: 29. aprīlis, 2019

23. jūn 2019, 16:00 - 1. jūl 2019, 06:00


We are looking for people from Latvia who want to get empowered at the project in The Netherlands

When: 23 June - 01 July 2019
Where: Groningen, The Netherlands

Info about the project:
Project intends to equip youth with tools to empower themselves on critical thinking and mental health. This will result in more aware and knowledgeable youngsters which go home with tools and ideas on critical thinking and mental health. They can apply these tools in their daily life and local organizations.

☑️ To introduce the topic of mental health;
☑️ To understand the power of critical thinking;
☑️ To recognize fake news and false information;
☑️ To equip participants with a set of practical tools to deploy critical thinking and mindfulness;
☑️ To test different mind growth techniques, such as yoga / pilates, mindfulness, body- mind connection, clean listening, meditation, sports, expressing emotions, and many more;
☑️ To promote mental health and the use of positive psychology;
☑️ To learn from each other’s cultures;
☑️ To have fun!

Participant’s profile:
- Aged 20-30 years
- Enthusiastic about the topics: critical thinking, mental health, media literacy and mind growth
- At least intermediate level of English
- Motivation and willingness to take active part in the Youth Exchange

Accommodation and food will be fully covered by the Erasmus+ programme
Travel costs will be reimbursed
Participation fee: 45 EUR

Link for application form: https://goo.gl/forms/7VAr8H5Zu8KLuNvo2

For more information feel free to contact us: apply@ngologos.org

Dalībnieku Vecums

20 - 30

Dalības maksa

45 € (Ceļa izdevumi apmaksāti)



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