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I Want To Break Free | Training Course

Pieteikšanās termiņš: 4. septembris (sestdiena)

19. sep 2021, 21:00 - 28. sep, 21:00


Are you ready to break free?
We are looking for people from The Netherlands 📷, Latvia 📷 and Estonia 📷 for the project in France 📷

📷 When: 20-29 September 2021
📷 Where: Beziers, France📷

Info about the project:
Aim of the project is to raise awareness about such socially important issues as gender equality, minorities rights and bullying (including cyber-bullying) through making escape rooms, as well as understanding how to use escape rooms as a learning tool.
📷 Objectives:
📷 To raise awareness and spread ideas about socially important issues and human rights protection among participants, partner organisations and guests of the training course
📷 To teach Youth workers and NGO workers how to organize escape rooms for educational purposes  
📷 To equip participants with knowledge, skills and attitudes on new approaches to education, especially
📷 To create toolboxes on escape rooms (with schemes, scenarios, puzzle explanation, etc.) that will also be used later  
📷 To make a positive impact in such areas as gender equality, minorities rights and bullying (including cyber-bullying) 

📷📷Participant’s profile:
- Aged 18+
- At least intermediate level of English
- An active youth worker / youth leader / trainer / teacher or looking to work with youth in the future

📷Accommodation and food will be fully covered by the Erasmus+ program
📷Travel costs will be reimbursed
📷Participation fee: 40 EUR

For more information feel free to contact us: projects@logos.ngo

DDL for application: 4 of September, 20:00
Link for application form: https://forms.gle/vVsk3bcmFRiNyyocA


34500 Béziers, France

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